Arley Hughes

Singer / Songwriter / Blues / Roots / Folk

Hire Me for your Next Party Or Event

Begin Studio House Concert.  April 7th 2017

Begin Studio House Concert.  April 7th 2017


A Supportive Choice

what could be more supportive to a local or traveling musician than to book them for a gig in your home or place of business? I would love to come and sing for you sometime! 

We Would Work Well Together If

  • You have ever hosted a party at  your home
  • You have a lot of lovely family and friends
  • You enjoy live music
  • You like to support Canadian artists 
  • Your neighbours can handle a few extra cars outside and a little bit of singing
  • You have an open mind and heart
  • You like creating warm and inviting environments where people can relax 
  • You like to have fun!
  • You own an establishment that hosts live music
  • You are the manager or booking agent for outdoor festivals

I Would like To Host you to play music for my party

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