Arley Hughes

Singer / Songwriter / Blues Artist

Hire Me for your Next Party

  Begin Studio House Concert.  April 7th 2017

Begin Studio House Concert.  April 7th 2017

A Supportive Choice

What could be a more supportive choice than to host a working musician in your home?  Music is how I make my living and I love to share what I have created, so let's put on a night together that will have your neighbours and friends talking about it for months!  They really are the most amazing evenings you can have while staying in the comfort of your own home, backyard or garage. If you have ever hosted a party in your home before, you are well on your way to becoming a concert expert!!  

Word Of Mouth

We would be looking for a minimum of 15 people to cozy up at your place, so start to let all of your people know about it!!  Though house concerts are popular, not a lot of people really understand the magic behind them.  And once people experience a concert in a home setting they usually become enthusiastic converts!  You may like it so much that you end up hosting on a semi regular basis. 

Have Fun!

The most important piece of the house concert puzzle is to have fun!!  It is a relaxing time to get together with family and friends and to support an artist.   it could be a BYOB and potluck - it is all up to you! Once the music starts it's all about hanging with the people you love the most....socializing, singing and dancing the night away!

We Would Work Well Together If

  • You have ever hosted a party at  your home
  • You have a lot of lovely family and friends
  • You enjoy live music
  • You like to support Canadian artists 
  • Your neighbours can handle a few extra cars outside and a little bit of singing
  • You have an open mind and heart
  • You like creating warm and inviting environments where people can relax 
  • You like to have fun!


The Price to hire me for an evening of music


This includes:

Me and my huge book of songs

3 to 4....45 min sets of originals and favorites.....I also take requests

Bose Sound System

All Musical equipment hauled in and out of your space


I Would like To Host you to play music for my party

Name *

"Parts of Me" Album Launched and Available!!  Click the link below or the Merchandise Buttons!!